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Friday, October 17, 2008

24HCD Approaches!

ComicsPRO took over administration duties of 24-Hour Comics Day this year, and our team of volunteers has kept very busy this summer and fall with the sponsorship deals, venue registration, 24HCD questions from around the world, hundreds of press releases, mailers to over 100 24HCD venues, and many, many website updates. We've learned a lot about making next year's event run more smoothly, too!

(If you're interested, check out for a list of participating sites, and for details about the event. Some of the event hosts are already starting to post pictures and participant lists!)

The 24HCD event surrounds October 18th, this year, and as long as the host venue includes that date in their 24 hours, they can start or end at any time. Good luck to all of the artists around the world who have already started, or who will start tomorrow, on their 24 pages of comics!

I'd like to thank our main ComicsPRO volunteers for their help this year. They all took time off from their stores and jobs to help build this year's event, and build the foundation for how we're going to improve next 24HCD!

Many thanks to:
Thomas Gaul, of Corner Store Comics, CA
Rick Lowell, of Casablanca Comics, ME
Atom Freeman and Portyln, Brave New World Comics, CA
Gary Dills and Norah Curry, Laughing Ogre Comics, OH & VA

I'd also like to thank Nat Gertler of About Comics, founder of the original 24-Hour Comics Day event, who provided a lot of advice and help this year!

Thanks, also, to the suppliers who provided great discounts and freebies to the 24HCD venues:

BAWLS energy drinks
Blue Line Pro art supplies
Diamond Comic Distributors

Good luck with 24-Hour Comics Day, everyone!