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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Notes from the Steve Dillon tour

Steve Dillon signed books at Main Street Comics last night, the first stop of his 2008 ComicsPRO/Hero Initiative Tour. Owner Pete Dolan gives us the report:

The fundraiser went well. We had a decent turnout, considering it was a Monday. We did about twice a normal Monday's business, and raised over $300 for Hero. We had a Chinese auction, which was a lot of fun, with over 40 prizes being offered. Two of the most sought after prizes were the complete original art from a 6 page Jughead story, and two pages of original art from Justice League Unlimited #39. Special thanks to inker Al Nickerson who donated the pages to the auction. Steve was a terrific guest, sharing anecdotes with fans and giving advice to aspiring artists. The event went into overtime, with Steve graciously continuing to sign books in order that everyone who showed up could be accomodated. Thumbs up to Steve, and thumbs up to all who attended!

Thanks to ComicsPRO and Hero for making this event happen.

Pete Dolan
Main Street Comics

Thank you, Pete, for being such a wonderful host and for kicking off Steve's tour!