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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Notes from the Dillon tour part 2

Last night, Steve Dillon hit the second stop in his 2008 ComicsPRO/Hero Initiative Tour, and was hosted by George Stasky at his Philadelphia location Brave New Worlds. Steve reports:

Just to let you all know, last night's signing went well. My drawing arm was in constant use, as was the keg of beer. There's another few hundred for Hero's coffers and a good time was had. George got me home before sunrise but only because it was Tuesday.

Great work, fellas!

George had this to add:

The tour signing went very well and Steve was a real warrior. The man doesn't do sketches as you might be familiar with, these drawings are all sketched out in blue pencil and fully inked. Each was a beautiful work of art that took at least 15-20 minutes of his time. Frankly, if I had know the art was going to be so 'finished' we would have required a higher donation than $15 -- $25 would have not been unreasonable. Steve was extremely affable and worked tirelessly for over 5 hours (allowing for plenty of smoke and beverage breaks, of course). The turnout was lively for a Tuesday evening with folks streaming in and out all evening, at least 50 fans got to hang out and have a beer with Steve Dillon. Over $600 was raised for the fund and good time was had by all.