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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Notes from the Dillon tour part 3

Stop 3 in the 2008 Steve Dillon tour was Captain Blue Hen comics! Steve gives his report:

The signing at Captain Blue Hen went really well. Joe and his crew had raised a rake of dosh ( that's English for 'loads of money' ) for Hero before I'd even uncapped a Sharpie. There was a really good crowd and, once again, my drawing arm was given a good workout with a few people going round for a second time. We finally finished up at around 9-30 and retired for beer, food and conversation about strange movies. It's been great to be able to meet the fans and chat with them in a relaxed environment at all the stores I've been to so far. Conventions just don't have the same feel. Getting to talk to the people at the sharp end ( i.e. the retailers and their staff ) has been a great bonus for me on this tour as, without their efforts, there'd be no market for the stuff that guys like me are doing.

Congratulations to Joe Murray and everyone at Captain Blue Hen for the excellent fundraiser!