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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ComicsPRO Researches & Adopts Antitrust Bylaws

October 29, 2007

Contact: Joe Field
Amanda Fisher
Benjamin Trujillo

In a move to allay concerns over any potential retailer collusion, Comics Professional Retail Organization (ComicsPRO), the trade organization for comic book retailers, with the help of legal counsel, has incorporated an antitrust compliance policy into its by-laws outlining the parameters within which independent retailers can confidently deal with each other.

ComicsPRO board member Ben Trujillo of Star Clipper Comics in St Louis went on to explain, "We have adopted a clear policy for managing the relationship between a group of competitors in a way that conforms with the highest legal standards in the areas of antitrust and non-competitive behavior."

ComicsPRO has pledged its commitment to:

· Obeying the antitrust laws
· Educating its members about the requirements of the antitrust laws
· Clearly outlining prohibited activity of the organization and members
· Providing clear rules for dealing with other organizations and entities, including publishers and distributors
· Providing summaries of key statutory provisions for our members.
· Minimizing the risk of exposure to these legal concerns of antitrust matters for ComicsPRO and its members
· In order to achieve these goals, ComicsPRO will also be obliging its members to adhere to these guidelines.

"Being aware of the consequences of sharing information in all of our communications among peer members is a necessary step to becoming a more mature organization," said Joe Field, president of ComicsPRO and owner of Flying Colors Comics in Concord CA. "Since our mandate also involves mentoring new retailers, we need to understand the legal relationship we have as competitors."

Jim Hanley, ComicsPRO member and co-owner of Jim Hanley's Universe in New York commented: "In the past, it has sometimes seemed comics retailers viewed the laws governing the interactions of competitors as trivial. That ComicsPRO is making sure that its efforts to improve the lot of comics retailers and, in turn, the larger comics field, don't expose the membership to legal liability is welcome."

ComicsPRO represents a membership of more than 100 comic specialty retail companies comprising more than 140 storefronts. Retailers interested in helping to secure a stronger future for the comics specialty market are encouraged to join. Membership applications and more information can be found at

Monday, October 22, 2007

ComicsPRO Applauds Improved Wizard Incentive Options

October 20, 2007
For Immediate Release

Contact: Joe Field
Chris Powell

ComicsPRO Consultation Leads to Improved Wizard Incentive Options
Lobbying Effort from Retailer Group Benefits All Comic Book Retailers

ComicsPRO is pleased to announce that in response to feedback and lobbying from our retailer members and others in the industry, Wizard Entertainment has created new sales incentives and returnability options for Wizard #195 and the 2008 Wizard Movie Spectacular edition.

In the past, in an effort to get products quickly into retailers' hands, Wizard opted to not solicit their Movie Spectaculars through Previews and instead shipped the magazine to retailers in matched order quantities from previous Wizard issues. When the second of Wizard’s unsolicited Movie Spectaculars shipped earlier this year using this method, the retailer trade organization ComicsPRO began actively working behind the scenes to find a common ground for dealing with future issues.

"The unsolicited issues of Wizard’s Movie Spectaculars caused concern among many retailers, with rippling sales effects to Wizard’s other publications," said Joe Field, president of ComicsPRO and owner of Flying Colors Comics in Concord CA. "The board of ComicsPRO worked diligently behind the scenes, providing Wizard executives with data and ideas to move forward in positive ways. We’re delighted to receive news of the retailer-friendly changes Wizard is making and we look forward to more strong sales from Wizard publications as a result of these moves."

Retailers matching 100% of their orders on Wizard #195 and 75% of their orders on the Wizard 2008 Movie Spectacular with their orders from Wizard #193 will be able to return all unsold copies. This is a modification from Wizard’s previous over-ship returns.

ComicsPRO board member Chris Powell of Lone Star Comics in Dallas TX added: "A vital part of the ComicsPRO mission is to work with our industry partners to improve our business. We're pleased Wizard Entertainment executives were open to listening to our suggestions and we look forward to even stronger sales and consumer interest for Wizard's stable of magazines."

All comic specialty retailers interested in working for a stronger direct market are encouraged to join ComicsPRO. Information and applications can be found at

Thursday, October 18, 2007

ComicsPRO Growth Sparks New Position

For Immediate ReleaseOctober 15, 2007
Contact: Joe Field

ComicsPRO Growth Sparks New Position
First paid staff member comes from within trade organization

ComicsPRO, the retailer trade and advocacy group, has announced that Amanda Fisher, owner of Muse Comics in Misssoula, Montana has been officially hired for the newly created role as ComicsPRO’s Communication Coordinator.

"Amanda Fisher is exactly the right person for this job," said Joe Field, ComicsPRO’s President and the owner of Concord CA’s Flying Colors Comics. "ComicsPRO has now grown to over 100 retailer members representing more than 140 store-fronts, so the ComicsPRO board has become increasingly aware that we need specific, reliable and dedicated hours each week to maintain the ComicsPRO momentum."

Among Fisher’s duties as ComicsPRO’s Communications Coordinator are the managing of all information and communication within the organization and effectively relaying that information, when needed, to the group’s industry partners. She’s also responsible for collating internal and external data and presenting it in a way the ComicsPRO board and membership can use it to further guide the organization's activities. Her duties also include membership processing, organizing correspondence, maintaining financial records and creating budget reports, preparing and disseminating the ComicsPRO e-mail newsletter, and helping to coordinate the group’s annual meeting.

"I've been committed to ComicsPRO since its creation, and I'm excited to see over 100 hardworking retailers join together to promote their stores and our industry," said Fisher. "We've grown beyond the point of being a volunteer-only project, and as ComicsPRO's first paid staff member I look forward to making our organization even more efficient, effective and active."

ComicsPRO is the specialty market retailer trade and advocacy group. The goals of the group are for direct market
retailers to speak with a single, strong voice on important industry issues, providing educational and mentoring opportunities to current and future retailers, and offering opportunities for retailers to reduce some common fixed costs.

More information can be found at

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Diamond / Alliance Summits 2007

We at ComicsPRO have just wrapped up our two appearances at the 2007 Retailer Summits put on by Diamond Comic Distributors and Alliance Game Distributors. We had a booth set up at both shows, promoting the organization and its various services to retailers, and ComicsPRO Members put on some of the retailer-centric programming at both events.

Gary Dills chairs the committee that organizes ComicsPRO's convention presence, and lined up volunteers to staff the booth at both trade shows. Directors and members answered their fellow retailers' questions about the discounted credit card processing offer, shipping programs, POS programs, the Assurant Affinity health plans, and much more.

At the retailer programming, ComicsPRO members donated their time to help their fellow stores improve their operations. R. Steven Ruta, co-owner of member Coliseum of Comics (Florida), presented "Safeguarding Your Store" using his experience as an attorney to point out the various pitfalls stores can encounter. Gary Dills and Chris Powell, both ComicsPRO Directors, presented "Move, Improve, or Expand?". The discussion centered on the decision that stores must make after a time, whether to open a second store, move their single store to a larger / better location, or work on the current store to make it even more profitable.

The Summits were very productive, and ComicsPRO has a number of new members! Thanks again to the staff and management at Diamond and Alliance, who provided the booths at no charge to the organization and who ran a great couple of events.

Chris Powell
Director / President Pro-Tem

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Those Wacky 80's!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Annual Meeting Planning

Members! We're beginning to plan the next annual Membership Meeting. If you didn't fill in the feedback form after the 2007 meeting, go to the Delphi forum now and give us your ideas for the next one!

(Since the forum is restricted, it may not let you in right away. Members: leave your store name and Membership type in a message at the door, and director Gary Dills will get you in there!)