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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FCBD reminders for comic book retailers

Remember, the Free Comic Book Day event is a way for the comic book industry to get national coverage for a worldwide event. Take advantage of the fact that this is being promoted across the country and make sure you let your community know that you are participating.

Free Comic Book Day promotions should not be happening inside of your store. Instead, reach out to the community and advertise FCBD to people who don't already shop with you.

Now is the time to start considering how someone new would view your store. What do you need to improve so that you make the best possible first impression? What would make them want to return?

The retailer to-do list leading up to Free Comic Book Day:

Update your website with your event information and list a person/phone/email address for any interested press to contact with questions.

Add your event to any free calendar listings in your area.

-Diamond has a template for calendar listings that you can use if you need one on their "Diamond Tools" page.

Create a Free Comic Book Day RSVP event with via your store's Facebook page.

If you have a local IMAX theater, contact them to see if your store can be involved in a promotion with THOR. Diamond has arranged a FCBD promotion with THOR via

By April 16th:

ComicsPRO Members: Send your local media contacts to ComicsPRO via so that your store information is included in ComicsPRO's press releases in your area.

By April 18-22:
Send your own press releases to all of your local media outlets (newspaper, TV, radio, local blogs, community websites)

-Diamond has a press release template you can use on their "Diamond Tools" page.

By April 18-22:
Send your event information and flyers to libraries, schools, other businesses that will post your flyer

May 4-5:
Send a brief reminder blast to your local media outlets about the upcoming photo opportunity at your store.

(Blasts are shorter than regular press releases and only have the basic information listed.)


A few easy Free Comic Book Day event ideas:

Advertise to your local schools that you will donate a set amount of graphic novels to the library of the school which sends in the most students on Free Comic Book Day. Send flyers with details (avoid being too text-heavy) and ask the schools to remind students to mention their school when they come into your store.

Reward existing customers for bringing in new customers or new families who haven't shopped with you before.

Have a reason for people to return, such as: provide a bounce-back coupon offering another deal on a future date, or advertise another upcoming promotion or event during FCBD.


There are 25 days left before Free Comic Book Day 2011--use each one to reach out to new readers in your community!