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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fort Wayne Summit

ComicsPRO will have a booth at the Fort Wayne Summit, meeting and signing up potential members and selling books related to the Summit panels.

If you're a ComicsPRO member who will be attending the Summit and can help out at the booth, please email Chris Powell at so I can add you to the schedule!


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Baltimore Diamond / Alliance Summit Wrapup

I think this was a VERY successful Summit for ComicsPRO. We signed up a number of new members and handed out a couple hundred flyers for the credit card program, health insurance program, and other benefits, thanks to the efforts of our volunteers. We also collected business cards for follow-up calls and met with representatives from Diamond and Alliance to discuss the future of the industry and specific projects.

The Board thanks Carr and Jud from Earth-2, Jerry from Atomic Comics, Jim from Modern Myths, and W. Alan from Silver Bullet for all their help. Together, I think we put forward a great face for ComicsPRO and I heard nothing but kind words from retailers and the staffs of Diamond and Alliance. We will be working over the next week on a presence for the Fort Wayne Summit, as well, and hope to see you there!

Thanks Again Everyone,