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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Diamond / Alliance Summits 2007

We at ComicsPRO have just wrapped up our two appearances at the 2007 Retailer Summits put on by Diamond Comic Distributors and Alliance Game Distributors. We had a booth set up at both shows, promoting the organization and its various services to retailers, and ComicsPRO Members put on some of the retailer-centric programming at both events.

Gary Dills chairs the committee that organizes ComicsPRO's convention presence, and lined up volunteers to staff the booth at both trade shows. Directors and members answered their fellow retailers' questions about the discounted credit card processing offer, shipping programs, POS programs, the Assurant Affinity health plans, and much more.

At the retailer programming, ComicsPRO members donated their time to help their fellow stores improve their operations. R. Steven Ruta, co-owner of member Coliseum of Comics (Florida), presented "Safeguarding Your Store" using his experience as an attorney to point out the various pitfalls stores can encounter. Gary Dills and Chris Powell, both ComicsPRO Directors, presented "Move, Improve, or Expand?". The discussion centered on the decision that stores must make after a time, whether to open a second store, move their single store to a larger / better location, or work on the current store to make it even more profitable.

The Summits were very productive, and ComicsPRO has a number of new members! Thanks again to the staff and management at Diamond and Alliance, who provided the booths at no charge to the organization and who ran a great couple of events.

Chris Powell
Director / President Pro-Tem