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Friday, January 16, 2009

ComicsPRO Board Applauds Marvel for 'STAND'-ing Up for Direct Market

Stephen King Hardcover is a Specialty Market Exclusive

Marvel Comics recent announcement that the impending release of "Stephen King's The Stand: Captain Trips" Premier Edition hardcover graphic novel (featuring a gatefold cover) will be an item available exclusively in the comics specialty sales channel. This news is being met with enthusiasm from the board of directors of ComicsPRO, the industry's largest retailer trade and advocacy group.

Here are some of the reactions among ComicsPRO's Board of Directors:

Phil Boyle, co-owner of Florida's Coliseum of Comics chain
"It's great to see the stores that support the periodicals get the benefits of being able to sell the hardcover book exclusively. Kudos to Marvel for making this move."

Joe Field, owner of Flying Colors Comics in California
"I'd encourage all direct market retailers to take another look at their orders on 'The Stand'. Armed with the info that this won't be displayed at mega-bookstores everywhere, it's worth stocking deeper and promoting stronger to Stephen King's rabid fan base."

Amanda Emmert, owner of Muse Comics in Montana

"I always appreciate when our publishers find ways to help the small businesses of the direct market stand out against the larger bookstore chains, and I hope our retailers take advantage of this opportunity."

Chris Powell, General Manager of the Lone Star Comics chain in Texas

"Seeing Marvel recognize and reward direct market retailers who have consistently carried and promoted the monthly series is wonderful. This is a great show of support on a high-profile book and is much appreciated."

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