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Monday, November 24, 2008

Members: ComicsPRO Bylaws Update

The voting is in, from members and the board, and the bylaws are finally updated!

Here is a note from Director Ben Trujillo:

"The bylaws were recently amended to make several important changes to ComicsPRO's rules and organizational structure.

The first change to the bylaws relates to ComicsPRO membership rules and is designed to discourage members from releasing items distributed exclusively by Diamond Comics Distributors early, in violation of Diamond street dates.

The second major change revolved around the structure of the organization. Specifically, with respect to clearly defining the roles of the Organization's officers, dealing with procedural issues like vacant offices or unavailable Directors and term limits.

You can review the revised bylaws yourself on the ComicsPRO website,"

Thank you, Ben, for your work with the bylaws and for your efforts to improve the way we do business within the organization!