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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Members: Send in your media contacts!

Each year, ComicsPRO sends out hundreds of press releases on behalf of its members about Free Comic Book Day and the places interested readers can pick up their FREE comics!

We target your local media with a press release about Free Comic Book Day and list your store name and address as the participating retailer in their coverage area. The press release includes information about ComicsPRO and comes directly from the organization, which can often call more attention to your event than a release from your store alone.

We are already working on the first set of press releases, so we need your media contacts right away!

Send your contact email address, the company name and your contact's name (if you have it) to today.


Should I still send my own press releases?

Yes. A press release about your store from a national organization can help call more attention to your FCBD event, but your press release should include the specific details of your promotion: what you are giving away, any special character or creator appearances, your hours of operation and anything else that describes your plans for FCBD.

Will ComicsPRO send PRs via fax and online web forms?

Yes, but the email press releases go out first for all member stores. To format press releases for individual stores and send them to particular local media outlets takes quite a bit of time, and the easiest way for us to get them out is through email. If you can't find an email address for your local media outlets, send us their fax numbers or give us the urls of their online web forms, and during our second pass of the FCBD releases, we will do our best to get your PR sent via those methods.

What if my stores are in different media coverage areas, or what if I have multiple locations in one coverage area?

ComicsPRO will send press releases for each of your locations, or list all of your location addresses in each of your press releases if you provide us with the information already collated.
You must send in your media contacts broken down by store location, and/or the full names & addresses of each location you want included for each media outlet.

What if there are other ComicsPRO member stores in my immediate area?

In previous years, ComicsPRO has split up PRs to media outlets between members in the same coverage area. Starting this year, we will send PRs to all of your local outlets with a list of local participating ComicsPRO member stores. That way, your store gets mentioned to all of your local media.

Thank you for your participation in Free Comic Book Day, and for sending us your media contacts. ComicsPRO projects are made possible by the volunteer efforts of our members, and by collecting the information of your local media you are making the FCBD PR project more efficient and more successful!