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Thursday, January 24, 2008

First ComicsPRO Exclusive Creator Tour A Success

While we move ahead to great Comics Professional Retail Organization (ComicsPRO) events such as the 2008 Annual Membership Meeting, let us not forget past successes. We are still getting reports of huge success with the first ComicsPRO Exclusive Creator Tour for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier featuring artist Kevin O’Neill.

Members of ComicsPRO, the trade group representing the interests of comic book specialty retailers, hosted each Kevin O'Neill signing. This was an exclusive signing tour that covered nine comic specialty stores and one pop culture convention over the course of eight days from November 14 through November 21, 2007. Some participating stores also held benefits for the Comic Book legal Defense Fund (CBLDF). The tour began on the first day of the release of LOEG: The Black Dossier. Here are some excerpts from participating retailers’ tour reports.

Ryan Liebowitz of Golden Apple Comics (, who coordinated the tour, says, "I was amazed how quickly we were able to coordinate everything and how flexible and gracious Kevin (O' Neill) was. He was excited to add more cities and tour stops and was happy that we added elements of exclusivity (for ComicsPRO) & charity (CBLDF)."

Dan Shahin of Hijinx Comics ( says, “We had a great turnout that propelled the Black Dossier to the top of our sales charts almost immediately. Kevin was a true gentleman and provided ample face time and free sketches to the crowd of fans he drew. A great time was had by all!"

Carr D'Angelo of Earth-2 Comics ( says, "The Black Dossier Tour was one of the most exciting events we have had at Earth-2. It was very cool to be part of an event that benefitted many comics shops and ComicsPro members. It was a great way to celebrate such a major book release in our industry."

Ralph Mathieu of Alternate Reality Comics ( says, “…lots of books were sold and Kevin O'Neill was a drawing and signing machine which made everyone who turned out for the event very grateful and in turn making this signing one of my very best events ever. I'd definitely want to be a part of any future events like this and would highly recommend others participating if they are able to as well.”

Go to and for more from Alternate Reality.

Golden Apple’s Liebowitz says, "Each and every shop involved in the LOEG: Black Dossier Tour had lines of appreciative fans, sold most or all of their store stock and had overall successful events."

Some of those appreciative fans filed their own reports. Go to for pictures and more from a Golden Apple customer. Go to for a customer report on Titan Comics’ tour stop.

ComicsPRO members should keep in touch with the ComicsPRO Delphi message boards to learn about new tours as they come available. And non-ComicsPRO members should join today!

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