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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Miracle Man Supports CBLDF

ComicsPRO member Jim Crocker of Modern Myths is auctioning sets of the Miracle Man series on ebay, with 50% of the proceeds to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

“We’ve been enthusiastic supporters of the Fund from our opening day five years ago,” says Modern Myths managing partner Jim Crocker. “I’ve always believed that Joe Ferrara’s description of the Fund as another type of business insurance is very apt. We’re lucky enough to be in a pretty progressive community ourselves, but that’s no guarantee that we’re safe.”

Crocker adds, “We currently support the Fund by donating all proceeds from sales of limited variants, and matching all donations placed in our counter-top change canister. It’s not necessarily much, but we’re a small store doing what we can. It was when I read one of the Fund’s press releases where they revealed that they had already paid more to defend Gordon Lee than it cost to open my store that we decided to try and do something extra for the Fund this holiday. When we realized that we could help the Fund with eBay’s MissionFish service and that we had a full run of this modern classic that could possibly command a respectable premium at auction, we decided that it made sense to share that with the CBLDF.”

Read more details at the
CBLDF's site.

Great job, Jim!