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Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Full Steam Ahead"

ComicsPRO president Joe Field kicked off the first session of the 2008 ComicsPRO annual meeting, with a theme of “Full Steam Ahead.”

Field made a call to action among the members.

Field exhorted current members to recruit new members to the org, to raise awareness and funds. He called for more volunteerism among members, as well.

It’s a crucial time for the comics specialty market, Field said, as the economy slumps and media technology moves forward at a breakneck pace. Comics have traditionally been safe in faltering economies, but Field warned that changing price models in comics and other media could alter that conventional wisdom this time around. But while there are challenges, there is continuing and growing interest in graphic novels and comic books. Now is the time for the comics industry to move forward, Field said — full steam ahead.

-- Matt Price