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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Notes from Day 1 of the ComicsPRO Annual Members Meeting

It's a day of DC Comics-sponsored programming at the ComicsPRO Annual Members Meeting, held this year in Memphis, Tenn.

A few highlights from the early programming include:

- First looks at the graphic novels in Vertigo's upcoming crime line, including one written by Brian Azzarello.

- Announcements of three new Vertigo launches this year, which will be kicked off with $1 first issues.

- A look at some of the upcoming DC Direct products, including a David Mazzuchelli "Batman Black & White" statue and the "DC Dynamics" line, which feature translucent bases giving the appearance of action.

- Tom Strong will return in a miniseries by Peter Hogan and Chris Sprouse.

- Several new creator-owned properties are planned for WildStorm

- The Jim Lee/Grant Morrison Wildcats story will come out as a graphic novel; it will be solicited when it is done.

- Matt Price

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