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Friday, September 18, 2009

ComicsPRO Letter to DC's Paul Levitz

September 10, 2009

Paul Levitz
DC Comics Inc
1700 Broadway
New York NY 10019

Dear Paul:

With the announcement of you stepping away from the positions of President and Publisher at DC Comics, the Board of Directors and retailer members of ComicsPRO wish to extend our hearty congratulations to you on a job most excellently done!

As many of us are also RRP members, our associations with you go back many years during which we’ve seen great changes in the comic book business. As fans of comics for even more years than we’ve been retailing professionals, many of us have been associated with your work since The Comic Reader days, through your engaging work as a writer, and always as someone who has shown great care in taking the comics’ medium in new directions and to new heights.

Your open-minded and visionary leadership as a DC executive has helped to foster a dynamically creative market that not only includes the work of many artists, writers and other creative professionals, but also incorporates the ideas and energy of thousands of comic book specialty retailers. In addition, you have assembled a team of business professionals at DC Comics that have the trust of your retailing partners.

We can only hope that your tenure will remain the model for the delicate balancing act of the art and commerce in comics, working with creative and editorial pros while also keeping in mind the concerns of specialty retailers helping to further grow the comics’ business.

This is no farewell as we look forward to seeing your byline in upcoming comics and graphic novels and in more published works and other endeavors, if that’s what you desire.

This is a time for gratitude, Paul, and we thank you for your tireless contributions to comics, to our field, to our livelihoods. We look forward to our continuing work with the DC Team in making sure that we all honor the work you’ve done.

On behalf of ComicsPRO, we send our very best wishes for your continued success!

With deep respect and many thanks---

Joe Field
ComicsPRO President

ComicsPRo Board of Directors
Phil Boyle
Carr D’Angelo
Gary Dills
Amanda Emmert
Brian Hibbs
Calum Johnston
Rick Lowell
Eric Kirsammer