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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

FREE Obama variant incentive for New Members!

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Marvel supports new ComicsPRO members with variant Obama comic

Retailers who join ComicsPRO as Full Members can get a hand from Marvel. Marvel made available some first printing variant covers of "Amazing Spider-Man" No. 583, featuring President Barack Obama, This hot, sold-out issue has gone for more than $100 at auction, and retailers who join now can get one for free while supplies last!

Marvel Comics showed their strong support with these books of ComicsPRO, the association of direct market comic-book retailers. ComicsPRO, founded in 2005, has grown to more than 140 members with more than 180 storefronts.

"Amazing Spider-Man" 583 topped the sales charts for an unprecedented
two months in a row, and this in-demand variant was a minuscule part
of the print run, causing high demand at stores across the country.

Carr D'Angelo, ComicsPRO board member, said more than 100 people
jammed into his store on the day of release seeking the in-demand
comic book.

"The inaugural edition of Amazing Spider-Man #583 was wildly popular
at our store and we still get requests so it's great to see Marvel
donating a bunch of these to our membership drive," said D'Angelo,
owner of Earth-2 Comics in Sherman Oaks, CA. "This is a terrific
opportunity for new members to join ComicsPRO and get a highly
desirable product in return. It's just another great way that
ComicsPRO generates benefits to offset the costs of membership."

Marvel is also offering an additional promotion for ComicsPRO members.
"It was a long time coming, but an organization was greatly needed by
comics retailers to help support and grow the industry. We're happy
to show our support for such an important group," said Marvel's Senior
Vice President of Sales David Gabriel. "To further help out ComicsPRO
retailers, Marvel is please to offer an extra $10 discount off the
Marvel Retailer Resource Center, a service that not only provides
retailers with inexpensive websites and marketing tools, but actually
does all the work of updating the site for them. Check out those
details at"

New full members will receive an Obama variant cover along with their
ComicsPRO Welcome Kit, after ComicsPRO processes their payment and
membership. Stores can get more details about a Full Membership here

Existing Full Members can get a free Obama variant copy with an early
renewal of 2009-2010 dues. Contact for details.

ComicsPRO, the Comics Professional Retail Organization, is the
retailer trade group for comic book specialty retailers. The goals of
ComicsPRO are to allow comic retailers to speak with one unified voice
on important industry issues, to mentor new and future retailers, to
work for growth in the comics specialty market and to help reduce the
risks associated with being independent business owners. More
information is available at