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Thursday, August 07, 2008

24 Hour Comics Day Host Sites

After a few snafus with the 24HCD Host Site web application, it's up and running. Getting ready for the 24HCD event on October 18th? Don't forget to register your location as a host site!

If you have already registered for this year and don't see your location listed, yet, don't worry! We're in the process of adding many locations to the list.

24 Hour Comics Day FAQs:

When is 24 Hour Comics Day this year?
October 18, 2008.

Who can host an official 24 Hour Comics Day event?
Events can be hosted by any comic book shop, educational institution, museum, or comics club in the world.

What is required of me to host an official 24 Hour Comics Day event?

Before we can list you as a participating 24 Hour Comics Day event store, you must commit to hosting the event and all that it entails. This means that you can provide:

· A room to draw in, including chairs and tables.

· A sleeping area: a quiet separate area with cots or sleeping bags for those who feel they will they'll be able to keep working after a nap. This should be open for the same period as the drawing room.

· A bathroom.

· Refreshments. We recommend having snacks on hand and providing plenty of water, coffee and maybe other energy drinks.

· Supervision. Someone who is not participating in the challenge should be on hand at all times to supervise the event. Consider doing this in shifts so that the supervisor is always alert.

· Drawing supplies. While the participants should bring their own drawing materials, it's still good idea to have a supply of drawing paper on hand. You don't need full-size comic book drawing paper; because folks doing 24 hour comics generally draw smaller. If it's convenient, have some other drawing supplies as well.

· Copying and shipping. After the event, Ohio State University Library will be collecting and housing all of the comics created by the 24 Hour Comics Day participants. We will be sending out a cover page for each comic and information about where to send the copies. Host sites will need to make a copy of each participant's comic and then mail them all to the Ohio State Library.

What do the 24 Hour Comics Day participants need to have?

· Art Supplies. Your artists should bring their own pencils, pens and paper, unless you advertise that you'll provide all of the drawing materials.

· Transportation. Please make sure that the participants have a ride home after being awake all night making comics!

· Comfortable attire. Your artists will be working for 24 hours--remind them to dress comfortably!

· Enthusiasm! They will be exploring the limits of their imagination--and their endurance!--by taking part of this creative event.

How do I register as a 24 Hour Comics Day host site?

If you are able to provide the above materials for your cartoonists, sign up at with the 24 Hour Comics Day host registration form, and we'll list you as a host site for this year's 24 Hour Comics Day event!