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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

2012 ComicsPRO Annual Meeting

As announced earlier this year, the 2012 ComicsPRO Annual Membership Meeting will be held February 9-11 in Dallas, Texas.

The annual meeting is an opportunity for retailers, publishers, distributors, manufacturers and other vendors to meet and discuss the topics facing the comic book industry. Our goal is to work together to improve sales and profits industry-wide.

All comic book retailers are invited to the annual meeting--ComicsPRO membership is not required. For retailers, registration includes attendance at DC Comics "DC Day" on February 9th, 6 meals during the 3 day meeting, and a retailer gift bag filled with products donated by sponsors.

Publishers, distributors and vendors are invited to attend the ComicsPRO portion of the meeting on February 10th and 11th, and sponsorship includes attendance at panels, roundtables, meals and many other benefits.

For information about the ComicsPRO Annual Membership meeting, visit

For information about Sponsorship, visit

To register, visit

To reserve your hotel room at our group rate, visit the DoubleTree Dallas registration page.

Retailers: get a discount on your registration fee if you register before 12/31!

Questions? Please contact us!

See you in Dallas!